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The Value of Education

This blog is not intended to be politically-based, however, I think that most people would agree with me when I say that education is one of the best way to defeat biases, ignorance, and hate. With the November poll results combined with yesterday's inaugural proceedings swearing in Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States of America, I've been in a mental slump. I work in downtown Los Angeles and the energy from the protests really energized the city. I loved seeing all the people united together, walking for a cause.

I like seeing headlines like this one posted on NPR's Facebook page: Women's March On Washington Goes Worldwide: Snapshots From Around The Globe [link provided below]. One of my favorite lines from the article is "Sister marches have been organized in all 50 states, and in countries around the world." I often wonder what the point of these protests are, why do it? I prefer action over talk and I think while most people have wonderful intentions, what good are these protests if we do not act on them as well? And yet, what a wonderful sight and THAT is why we protest. Yes, action has to happen to but we start as a united front, which helps encourage momentum.

It is so sad to me that in 2017 we are still fighting for basic rights for women's equality. Gender should not still be a factor for equality and I am proud of the people that are helping fighting.

And, while this may be controversial to some, I find the following visual very interesting:

"Here is a side-by-side comparison of Obama's 2009 inauguration and Trump's. Both were taken from the same viewpoint: the Smithsonian’s visitor center, called the Castle, looking toward the Capitol just an hour apart on the respective days." (ABC News)

Some people have blamed the weather or people being at work. However, according to research "By the time Trump took his oath of office, temperatures were in the mid-40s and approaching the 50 degree mark, according to ABC News meteorologist Melissa Griffin. The sky was cloudy, and the rain held off until the 45th president began his inaugural address. Eight years ago, during Obama's inauguration, it was a frigid 28 degrees Fahrenheit, with wind chills in the mid-teens, according to Griffin." (ABC News)

It’s unclear, however, that Obama will completely follow Bush’s example post-presidency. W., who left office with rock-bottom approval ratings, remained silent for much of Obama’s presidency. Obama, on the other hand, is leaving with high approval ratings.

Also, there is always much debate about whether or not Trump speaks truthfully. I like this post (as with others) from NPR which provide documentation for his comments:

From my account, Trump has no political experience, let alone at the executive level. His hotel business dealings are not handled solely by him and do not qualify him to run our country.

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